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White Rose Petals Bridal hair decor | सफेद गुलाब की पंखुड़ियों माला | R...

Lets see how  to make a beautiful rose petal string using

white roses and red artificial rose.This flower string can be used in bridal

hair decoration
Click the below link to watch the video of how to make rose petal garland

To make this bridal poo jadai, you would require 8 fresh white roses, few red fabric roses,thread,needle and a pair of scissors

Insert thread of required length into the needle and keep it ready.

Sort out rose petals of similar size and keep it ready.

Insert a small piece of rose stem into the needle and slide through the thread.

Take a rose petal and fold it inward at the right side and roll it.

Hold the rolled petals firmly and insert the centre part of the rolled petal into the needle.

In the same method, fold and roll the rose petals and insert into the needle to get a spiral shape.

Insert a needle full of rolled rose petals.

Insert a red fabric rose into the needle.
Slide the rose petals and artificial roses through the thread till the end.

Roll and insert another needle full of rose petals followed by one artificial rose.

Repeat the same alternate pattern till your required length.

You can add more artificial roses in random order if preferred.

you can either have the rose flower string as such or can convert into round shape by connecting the ends of the thread with couple of knots.

Beautiful and easy to make rose petal bridal hair decor/pelli poo jada / Bridal poo jadai is now ready.

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